equality and diversity


This course is aimed at professionals or volunteers who are supporting people with any level of need but in particular those with additional needs or from different backgrounds.

why attend?

The course is designed help participants recognise the importance of respecting diversity and treating those they support with the same level of dignity and respect regardless of differences in background or levels of need.

It will explore:

  • Historical context of discrimination
  • Identifying discriminatory behaviours
  • Inclusion and personalisation agendas
  • Assumptions and impact of own value-base
  • Legal considerations and the Equality Act 2010
  • Value-based decision making at work
  • Promoting equality
  • Tackling discrimination
  • Practical ways of improving practice


Half day

meeting standards

CARE CERTIFICATE In particular, aims to help meet the knowledge required to meet outcomes of standards: 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 & 14

FUNDAMENTAL STANDARDS (CQC) In particular the course will enable the provider to help staff from the service demonstrate training has taken place around: Regulations 9, 10 & 13

CARE ACT 2014 GUIDANCE More specifically enables providers and their staff to understand their duties under sections 1 & 10 of the Act (and their subsections)

MENTAL CAPACITY ACT 2005 – this subject area is woven into presentation and discussion as required during course delivery.

Please note: As far as reasonably possible we have indicated the standards covered.

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