introduction to conflict resolution and breakaway techniques


This course is aimed at formal and informal carers who may encounter incidents of aggression or potential violence as part of their normal working activity.

why attend?

The conflict resolution session is designed to assist frontline staff to deal effectively with incidents of potential violence or aggression. It is particularly important in reducing risks to all involved.

It will provide:

Proactive approaches

  • Understand proactive working – recognising that prevention is always the best strategy
  • recognise the warning signs of a potentially violent situation and take steps to prevent it from escalating.
  • recognise different aspects of conflict that they may encounter
  • be able to understand and be aware of the different methods of resolving such conflicts.

Reactive approaches

  • learn a set of physical (breakaways) skills, which will enable a person to escape from a wide variety of possible assaults against them.
  • understand techniques within a legal and ethical framework relevant to those working in health and social care.
  • use techniques involving the minimum possible use of force designed to promote the safety of both the client/patient and carer.
  • Understand the importance of accurate recording following physical intervention

The types of attacks considered will include: Wrist grabs, hair grabs, neck grabs, clothing grabs, bear hugs

Participants are advised to wear loose fitting clothing, in readiness for the breakaway session.


Full day

meeting standards

CARE CERTIFICATE In particular, aims to help meet the knowledge required to meet outcomes of standards: 3, 5 and 13

FUNDAMENTAL STANDARDS (CQC) In particular the course will enable the provider to help staff from the service demonstrate training has taken place around: Regulations 9, 12 & 13

CARE ACT 2014 GUIDANCE More specifically enables providers and their staff to understand their duties under sections 1 & 10 of the Act (and their subsections)

MENTAL CAPACITY ACT 2005 – this subject area is woven into presentation and discussion as required during course delivery.

Please note: As far as reasonably possible we have indicated the standards covered.

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