professional boundaries


For professionals supporting individuals in social care settings.

why attend?

Working closely to support individuals in health & social care settings can present multiple dilemmas and debates as to where professional boundaries should lie. This can affect all workers at different times. Understanding the issues surrounding this subject can help to ensure where these personal and professional parameters exist and the pitfalls of inappropriate conduct in work settings.

Often seen as a grey areas, this course aims to stimulate debate and discussion amongst participants and challenge thinking as it does so.

It will explore:

  • Defining the term ‘professional boundaries’
  • Codes of conduct
  • What is good care?
  • Sharing information
  • Personal and professional – the grey areas.
  • Common scenarios
  • Working with families of people we support
  • Protecting yourself & protecting those we support
  • Online safety & social media challenges.


Full day

meeting standards

CARE CERTIFICATE In particular, aims to help meet the knowledge required to meet outcomes of standards: 1, 3, 10 & 14

FUNDAMENTAL STANDARDS (CQC) In particular the course will enable the provider to help staff from the service demonstrate training has taken place around: Regulations 10 & 13

CARE ACT 2014 GUIDANCE More specifically enables providers and their staff to understand their duties under sections 1, 3 & 10 of the Act (and their subsections)

MENTAL CAPACITY ACT 2005 – this subject area is woven into presentation and discussion as required during course delivery.

Please note: As far as reasonably possible we have indicated the standards covered.

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